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From time to time I will scan/draw/write down Synthesizer-Manuals, Patch-Sheets and other Documents that might be usefull for People who lost their Original or bought their Synth 2nd Hand without Documentation. 

HTTP-Download from Synthesized-Dreams
(Düsseldorf, Germany)

Free, scanned vintage Synthesizer Manuals:
Document Name (.ZIP)   ZIP-Size
KORG Mono/Poly Manual
38 Pages, English/French/German 

High-Quality (.JPG, .ZIP)

Low-Quality (.PDF, .ZIP)

  8.15 MB

1.60 MB

KORG Mono/Poly blank Patchsheet
Self-drawn, Hi-Resolution, 3 Patches per Sheet 

High-Quality (.TIF, .ZIP)

  1.121 KB

Download the SH-3 PatchSheet

Roland Alpha-Juno 1 (a-Juno 1/2) Owners Manual
52 Pages, English 

Low-Quality (.PDF, .ZIP)

868 KB

Download the SH-3 PatchSheet

Roland CSQ-100 Owners Manual
7 Pages, English 

(.JPG, .ZIP)

Low-Quality (.PDF, .ZIP)

  1.887 KB

241 KB

Download the SH-3 PatchSheet

Roland MC-202 blank Patchsheet
3 Patches per Sheet, kindly donated by Steve Huber 

High-Quality (.JPG)

  192 KB

Download the SH-3 PatchSheet

Roland PG-300 Synthesizer Programmer Owners Manual
12 Pages, English 

Low-Quality (.PDF, .ZIP)

  399 KB

Download the SH-3 PatchSheet

Roland SH-3 blank Patchsheet
Original Version, 3 Patches per Sheet 

High-Quality (.JPG, .ZIP)

Low-Quality (.PDF, .ZIP)

  0.62 MB

0.08 MB

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Owners Manual
95 Pages, English, Chapter 1 to 11 (Title, About, Setup, Operation, Sequencer, Arpeggiator, Stack Mode, Programming the Synthesizer, Synthesizer Parameters, Hidden Functions, Using the Six-Trak with Drumtraks, Using Midi, Details, Patch-Sheet) [/] Chapter 12 to 15 (Specifications, Midi-Implementation Specification, Factory Programs in Detail, Your Programs, Patch-Sheets, Warranty Card)
A very good and essential Manual - definitely a must for every SixTrak Owner.

High-Quality Part 1 [Chapter 01-11] (.JPG, .ZIP)

High-Quality Part 2 [Chapter 12-15] (.JPG, .ZIP) 

Low-Quality Complete [Chapter 1-15] (.PDF, .ZIP)


  5.95 MB

4.20 MB

1.97 MB

SIEL Sielorchestra Manual (=ARP Quartett)
18 Pages, English/French/Italian/German 

High-Quality (.JPG, .ZIP)

Low-Quality (.PDF, .ZIP)

  3.30 MB

0.59 MB

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