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As some People are having Problems burning native Yamaha A3k-Format CD-ROMs I publish some help here. The way described here works flawlessly on my System. Thanks must go to Jay Vaughan, the Creator of A3kDisky for helping me in this Topic.

A3kDisky: At first for the most important issue : Yes, the current version of A3kDisky * is working * - A3kDisky will correctly create native Folders of your A3k-Stuff on your PC's Harddrive (Simply follow the Instructions) - A3kDisky will create one or several Folders with sort of "cryptic" Names like "B0157F0D" ... Every of these Root-Folders will become a correctly named "Partition" for your Sampler.

Burning: For that A3kDisky has no inbuilt Burning-Program, you've got to find one that is capable of burning 100% ISO9660 Level 1 compliant CD-ROM's. You'll laugh ... This can be a quite hard (or even impossible) Task for State-of-the-Art Programs like e.g. WinOnCD which I would love to use for this. But it seems that this is one of the Programs that don't understand the correct use of ISO Level 1 anymore. 

So here is how to burn working A3k CD-ROM's using Adaptecs Easy CD Pro 95 v2.11 (like originally explained to me by Jay Vaughan) :

 Burning A3kDisky-Folders to CD-ROM using Easy CD Pro 95:

 Step 1 : 

Download the Template (.ecd) File for Adaptec Easy CD Pro 95 (also known as EZ CD Pro).

 Step 2 :

Load this .ecd file with EZ CD Pro.

 Step 3 :

Drag your "B0157F0D" folder into the "Data Track" Window.  Say that your "B0157F0D" folder is on your local hard disk at "e:\tmp\B0157F0D", then the Data Track window will try and match this same directory layout, and it will put the folder in "\tmp\B0157F0D" on your CD.

Step 4 :

You *NEED* to 'reparent' this folder to be in the \ dir of the final CD.  So right click on it in the "Data Track" window, and select "reparenting".  Change it so that it's just "\B0157F0D", and select Okay.

 Step 5 :

Note that if you want to, you can transfer *other* folders in there too from other A3kDisky CD transfer sessions ... these will show up as other partitions on the CD.

 Step 6 :

Burn the CD using the settings established in the Template (to put it simple: don't adjust any setting).

 Step 7 :

Test it and let the A3k-List know when you did your first working A3k CD-ROM.

Adaptec Easy CD Pro 95 Template [ a3kcdtemplate.ecd ]
for burning of native Yamaha A3000-Format CD-ROM's
HTTP-Download from Düsseldorf, Germany

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